Sugar glider cages, supplies, and food discussed

Sugar Gliders As Pets

Sugar gliders as pets have their pros and cons, but owning a sugar glider is well worth the time and money spent.

Owning sugar gliders  as pets is one of the best ways to find a fantastic exotic animal that you can keep right in your own home.  They are very friendly, and grow a special bond with their owners, so they are bound to be a pet that you can adore having for years to come.  Although, as with any exotic animal, you have to be sure that you have the right items on hand, in order to care for your pet.  When it comes to sugar gliders  as pets, you have to be prepared for a little more money and time investment than may be required of standard animals.  For that reason, you want to do your research both before buying one, as well as before you even think about purchasing a new addition to your home.

One of the most important things to realize about sugar gliders  as pets, is that they require a massive time investment on your end.  These are not like ordinary animals, and they need to bond with a new owner, so that they feel totally at ease, and comfortable around you.  For that reason, you actually have to carry them along with you literally everywhere, in a small pouch.  This way, your sugar glider can begin to trust you, and become a part of your family.  That’s a huge commitment, and not one that everyone is prepared for.  But is something that you need to think about, before owning sugar gliders  as pets.

Of course, you also need to be sure that you have the proper supplies, and one of the most important aspects, is choosing the ideal cage.  When you have sugar gliders  as pets, you have to be sure that you have the perfect cage.  That means choosing one that’s very tall, so that they have room to jump and glide, as they would do naturally.  But also, because they come from tropical climates, you also need to be sure that you provide a heating lamp outside the cage of your sugar gliders.  This way, you can be sure that they are perfectly taken care of, and can adapt to the new environment, as well as just stay perfectly warm.

You also need to be sure that you have the right type of food for your sugar gliders  as pets.  This is important, as you can feed them most fruits, and that is a good way to keep their diet in check.  But they also need healthy protein from different sources like crickets and mealworms.  This is important, as sugar gliders require a fair amount of protein to remain as healthy as possible.  But you also want to be sure that you have a standard food that’s meant for this purpose, for every day feeding.  That way you can ensure they get al the nutrients needed to stay healthy.

When you’re looking to acquire sugar gliders  as pets, it’s important to go through a licensed breeder.  It’s illegal for these animals to be sold without the proper type of licensing, so you need to find the right person, to ensure you’re not aiding in committing a crime.  Also, some states require you to be licensed just to own sugar gliders  as pets, so you want to do your research beforehand, to make sure you can even buy one.