Sugar glider cages, supplies, and food discussed

Sugar Glider Supplies

Sugar glider supplies consist of pouches, cages, food, toys, and more.

Sugar gliders require a lot of special care because they are exotic creatures.  Although they are becoming more and more common in the United States, they still require a level of care that goes above and beyond what a cat or dog needs.  Because they have special needs, there are a variety of sugar glider supplies that you’ll have to buy, that are specific to the pet.  Finding these can be difficult, as the average pet store doesn’t have a wide variety of items.  But supplies for sugar gliders are essential for the health and longevity of your animal.

One of the most important sugar glider supplies happens to be sugar glider cages.  You need a cage that provides a good amount of space for your sugar glider to hop around and play.  Sugar gliders are very active, so make sure the cage has plenty of perches and hammocks for them to hop to and from.  To find these sugar glider supplies, any average pet store will have a cage that can suffice.  PETCO or even PetSmart have a variety of cages that should meet the height requirements for the optimal environment.

Something to look out for in cages is a wheel for your pet to run on.  Traditional wheels that are made for hamsters won’t work as well for a sugar glider.  A hamster wheel is usually made up of metal bars strung together to make a round track.  With a sugar glider this can be harmful.  Unlike hamsters, a sugar glider has human-like paws that can get caught on the metal rungs.  Also a sugar glider’s tail can get caught between the wheel, which can cause your pet a lot of pain and even damage their tail.  Instead, look for enclosed wheels specifically designed for sugar gliders.

Another key component of any healthy sugar glider home is a heat lamp.  Sugar gliders are accustomed to warm and well lit ecosystems, so to recreate this in your home, a heating lamp is a necessity.  A young sugar glider is used to an environment that is consistently 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Replicating this in the average home isn’t always easy, especially during the winter months, which is why a heating lamp is so helpful.  Make sure to get a lamp that won’t be too warm however, as that can be detrimental to your sugar glider’s health.  You can find a heating lamp at almost any department store, usually in the home and garden section.

Finally, an absolutely essential component of your animal’s environment will be sugar glider food.  This is perhaps the most important of sugar glider supplies, because these exotic pets have special nutritional requirements.  Fruit and vegetables provide most of the nutrients a sugar glider would need, but to get the most for your pets health, sugar glider specific food is a must.  Not every pet store carries this however, but a good resource to find all things sugar glider is the website  It’s important to have sugar glider food on hand to ensure your pet gets the specific nutrients needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.