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Sugar Glider Pouch

The sugar glider pouch creates an effective means of bonding.

A sugar glider pouch is a very important decision for the care of your new pet.  Pouches have a variety of uses, from carrying your sugar glider, to providing a comfortable place for the animal to sleep.  A good pouch should mirror the feeling of safeness and comfort that a mother’s pouch provides.  A sugar glider bonding pouch can also be a great means to be introduced to your pet, and develop the proper bond with them.  Sugar gliders are extremely friendly, and take to human care remarkably well.  But how smoothly this process goes depends upon how you bond with your pet, and the pouch plays a pivotal role.

Sugar glider joeys are used for two main reasons.  One of them is to provide a place for your pet to sleep.  Sugar gliders like the tight, confined quarters of a pouch, and it also serves to remind them of their mother’s pouch.  A sugar glider spends the first ten weeks of their lives in their mothers pouch, to grow strong and large enough to leave.  The sleeping pouch reminds them of this, and also provides a comfortable touch of familiarity for a sugar glider’s cage.

The other important use of a sugar glider pouch, is to form a bond with the animal, after you’ve obtained one as a pet.  To form a bond with your sugar glider, you’ll have to carry it with you often, so that the animal gets used to your presence and grows to feel more comfortable around you.  For that you’ll need a pouch, so that the sugar glider’s pouch can be carried with you easily.  Forming this bond is essential for the longevity and health of your pet, as it will create a home that the sugar glider really wants to be a part of.

You can either purchase a pouch for sugar gliders from a pet store, or make your own sugar glider pouch.  Making one isn’t such a bad idea as it affords you the opportunity to customize the pouch in ways that a pet store can’t.  To make your own pouch, usually a pillowcase is a good place to start.  You can easily trim one of the corners off, and then insert some comfortable padding, such as material from an old sweater.  The sweater is a good idea because an old one will have your scent, and that can help the sugar glider bond with you more comfortably and quickly.

To buy a sugar glider specific pouch, you can try a local pet store.  Most of them carry a wide variety of pouches that can be used for your pet.  Anywhere from Pet Smart to PETCO should have what you need at a reasonable price.  You can also find sugar glider specific pouches on websites like or  Both have a wide variety of styles so that you can find a sugar glider pouch that will be cozy for your pet, and pleasing to the eye.  Find a pouch that you’ll be perfectly happy wearing a lot, as bonding with your sugar glider takes about a month.