Sugar glider cages, supplies, and food discussed

Sugar Glider Food

Sugar glider food must be specific to your pet's needs, all part of a well balanced diet.

When choosing sugar glider food, there are a few special requirements you’ll have to take into account.  A sugar glider has special nutritional needs, such as calcium and protein, as well as vitamins and minerals.  The best way to keep your pet healthy, is to replicate what a sugar glider would eat away from captivity.  The core of your pet’s nutrition will probably come from a sugar glider food brand, but there are also a wide variety of natural options that you can use to supplement the animal’s health.  Offering a wide variety of healthy foods is the best way to keep your sugar glider happy.

Fruits and vegetables are important to your sugar glider’s health, and so you should be sure to provide plenty.  Some of the best to provide for your sugar glider are: blueberries, carrots, bananas, grapes, raisins, and even melons.  Make sure that you slice any fruits and vegetables into tiny bits, so as to make the eating process easier for your sugar glider.  Also take advantage of the opportunity to bond with your pet, by hand feeding the sugar glider these treats.

Remember with fruits and vegetables to wash all of them as though you were going to eat them yourself.  This is an extra level of care, just to ensure the health of your sugar glider.  That’s also why it’s a good idea to only use organic fruits and vegetables, to make sure there are no toxins present that could be harmful to your pet.  Sugar gliders have special digestive requirements, in order for them to process food, and avoid possibly harmful toxins, stick to the organics.

A good natural way to provide natural  protein for your sugar glider is by offering them live crickets to eat.  Crickets are a sugar glider food favorite, and they are very nutritious.  Try to provide a few throughout the week as a treat.  Another option is to mix in a few mealworms or moths.  Both are also great sources of healthy natural nutrition, and ideal choices for your sugar glider.  These types of sugar glider food not only help your pet’s nutrition, but also keep him or her happy.

Another good and healthy protein option is hardboiled eggs.  Make sure to properly boil the eggs, and cut them up into manageable slices for sugar glider food.  This provides a good deal of healthy natural protein, and is a good alternative to live insects.  But make sure to keep mixing up the sugar glider’s protein sources to provide nutritional variety.

For more processed sugar glider food, pet stores like PETCO and PetSmart have a small selection of food available.  You’re less likely to find anything suitable at a department store like Walmart or Target, because sugar gliders are exotic animals.  The internet is also a good source for sugar glider food.  Websites like or also have a very wide variety of options.  But even if you choose the easier to handle processed foods for your sugar glider, make sure to mix in some fresh options from time to time.  This will keep your sugar glider healthy, and happy.