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Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Outdoor cat enclosures let your kitty enjoy time in the yard without the worries of escape, with fences, shelters, and cages made in many sizes.

Providing a place for your cats to go outside that you know is safe, is really a necessity as a cat owner.  Every house cat’s natural environment is really the outdoors, and allowing them to explore outside is a great way to ensure that you’re keeping their lives active and lively.  But you also want to keep your cats safe, which is why building outdoor cat enclosures is the best way to ensure this is a possibility.  With an enclosure like this, you can ensure that you’re able to keep your cats safe from other animals, or even just from anything happening should they venture too far away from your home.  Through outdoor cat enclosures you can give your cats full and fun lives without the fear of losing them.

Basically what an enclosure like this is, is a large cage that’s meant to provide an outside playground for cats.  This way, you can literally keep them outside in a an area where they can just enjoy being a cat, but outside.  They are meant to be a bit taller than the average cage, and can be as high as 5 to 6 feet.  That way, they have plenty of room for playing and jumping around, which is something that cats really need to be able to do as much as possible.  But you also want to consider making them quite long as well, so that they almost have a track that they can run along.  For example going at least 10 to 12 or so feet you give the cats plenty of running room, which allows them to be really active.

But you do have to choose the right type of metal to keep them penned in, so that you know it’s strong enough to keep them safe, but also ideal for handling the weather.  For that something about the consistency of chicken wire, or any type of metal like steel should be fine, because they are really made to survive just about any type of weather condition.  This way you know the outdoor cat enclosure is not going to really rust or corrode badly enough to provide the cats a way to escape.

Of course, when you are looking for the right outdoor cat enclosures, you also want to fill them with all sorts of different types of toys for the cats to have fun with.  For example, platforms and ramps, as well as different types of cat towers that they can climb on are really vital.  This way, you know that they are going to be able to have a lot of fun journeying around and just having a great time inside the enclosure.  You want to give your cats plenty to do, so that you know they can get their exercise and enjoy doing so.

Shopping for outdoor cat enclosures can be somewhat hard however, as they are not always the most common things you’ll find at any pet store.  For that reason going shopping online can be your best bet.  Through all sorts of online providers like or even you can find just about any size or style of enclosure you could want for your pets.