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Bearded Dragon Cages

When it comes to bearded dragon cages, there are a range of cool habitats and enclosures on the market that your pet will love.

Getting the right types of bearded dragon cages is a necessity so that you can care for your reptile successfully.  What you’re going to discover is that exotic animals like these really have special needs, so you need to pick out the right type of cage that you know is perfect for them.  That means there are all sorts of special things for you to consider, so that you can supply them as close to a natural habitat as can be expected.  That way, you can ensure that your bearded dragon has a long and full life at your side.  There are all sorts of different kinds of cages out there, but not all are really ideal for your pet.

When you’re considering bearded dragon cages, you want to find those that feature the right type, and that almost always means purchasing a standard reptile tank, which is just about always made from glass.  This is not too unlike a fish tank actually, but can be quite a bit larger in size.  What’s more, you also want to ensure that they feature some sort of screen or cage top, that’s open to the outside.  This way, they can get air, so that you’re able to keep their environment smelling and feeling fresh, which is something that just about every animal, including you, would want.

But what’s more, that screen top also serves another purpose, and that’s to let vital heat inside.  Because these are exotic creatures, they require a lot of special heat, and you’ll need to buy a special type of lamp to go over the bearded dragon cages that you end up buying.  That means you need to get some type of UV Fluorescent light, like a Reptisun 5.0 or 8.0 bulb.  With these you can replicate the feel of a strong tropical sun, which is what the lizard needs for up to 14 hours a day.  What’s more, you need to ensure that the light is right over the cage so that you can ensure the UV rays get through, which is really important, as the glass will transfer the heat but not the UV rays.

Remember also that you want to ensure your bearded dragon cages feature some natural elements of home as well, so that you know they are going to feel more like a natural setting.  That means you want to ensure that they feature all sorts of natural amenities like small logs for crawling and hanging out.  But you also want to have some rocks in there, and maybe even a small lake type structure, so that you can ensure there’s a bit of water as well.  That way, you have just what your bearded dragon cages need to provide the perfect home for your reptile.

When you’re looking to buy bearded dragon cages, not every pet store is going to have what you need, but it doesn’t hurt to check the suppliers in your area.  Sometimes you can get lucky with a store like Petco or Pet Smart, otherwise you might want to go shopping online as well.  Sometimes shopping for bearded dragon cages through a site like is your best bet, so that you can get true quality for your reptile.